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From the nation’s largest chain stores to independent specialty shops, Telebrands has a long and award-winning history of working with retailers. Because of our high-intensity direct television advertising campaigns, Telebrands products typically have considerable consumer awareness and market demand. However, success at the retail level requires more than just an exciting television presence—it requires strategy and planning. We approach each retail relationship by developing four essential elements:

Knowledge: Before we meet with retail buyers, we have thoroughly researched the market. We understand your retail niche and its challenges. Our team of seasoned sales professionals is ready to discuss specific solutions for your retail locations and customer base.

Strategy: We approach our retail relationships for the long-term. Before presenting products to our retail partners, we look carefully at each product’s potential, asking ourselves several key questions: Is the DRTV campaign pulling well or expected to do so when it is launched? How will the retail launch best coordinate with the DRTV campaign? We have the best answers for you.  

Creativity: We take a holistic approach to marketing and merchandising, exploring every opportunity across the store. Over the years, we have found specific strategies that maximize sales and understand the specific in- and out-of-store support necessary for successful turnover levels. We have the capabilities to produce everything from in-store signage and floor displays to kiosks and in-store video. We have achieved top-10 status in a number of our retail partners’ product categories.

Trust: At Telebrands, we understand both the realities of the retail marketplace and the intricacies of retail warehouse operations, making our relationships with our retail partners stronger. We work diligently to maintain proper inventory levels and shipping timelines, meeting your intake requirements and avoiding the lost sales that result from product being out-of-stock. By analyzing sales goals and levels, we are expert at forecasting product performance.  

If your company is looking for retail products that have built-in consumer demand from a company that understands the retail marketplace, contact Telebrands today.

Large Retailers in the United States
If you are a retailer with more than 10 stores and you need to contact a sales person, please find the contact information below:

Office phone: (973) 244-0400
Office Fax: (973) 244-0244
Small Retailers in the USA

If you are a retailer with 10 stores or less and you wish to purchase products on a wholesale basis using your credit card, please visit All the product information that you need is available in that area and you can place your orders online.
International distribution inquiries,
click here.

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